Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gatsby Cover Observations

The eyes have a figure in them that looks like a body kind of crouched and awkwardly positioned. Its a cream color and in each eye the body is in a different position. At the bottom of the page there is lots of color and what looks almost like fireworks exploding which stands out against the dark blue sky. As well there are black lines all across the page that create a figure possibly the face on the cover but there are other lines too that I want to figure out what they make up. I think the fireworks at the bottom of the page against the calm dark night sky is a paradox as the colors contradict and so do the feelings. In what ways does this cover represent the part of this book pertaining to Fitzgerald's life? I think that the body inside the eyes is almost trapped and that is supposed to represent this alcoholic party life that Fitzgerald is in thats not really allowing him to do what he wants to do, which is write novels 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Little Renaissance Project - Isabelle J & Maddy T

This is a project done for American Lit about the Harlem Renaissance. The pictures used are our photos and the poem being read in the back ground is I Look at the World by Langston Hughes, a poet during the Harlem Renaissance. We chose pictures we took from all different places we've been and traveled to represent how we see the world through the lens of our cameras as you hear how Hughes struggled in his view of the world and how he was viewed.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chapter 1: Dead - Metacognitive

"I been dead to them for fifty years" Obviously she mean this metaphorically but is it because she married and had children with a black man. Was that so important to her family that they completely shunned her for doing what she felt in her heart? Where did she get the strength to go against everything everyone told her was right and be with this man? "She had to die in order for me, the rest of me, to live" What was her childhood like? Were her parents extremely controlling? "My family mourned me when I married your father.  They said kaddish and sat shiva. Thats how Orthodox Jews mourn their dead." What kind of parents feel so strongly about not wanting their kids to marry a certain person that they not only shun them but act and live as if they're dead? If they're mourning her does that mean even if she were to divorce this man and try to go back to her family they wouldn't accept her? "...but does anyone say they love you? Not in my family we didn't." It seems often times that kids turn out a lot like their parents, but Rachel turned out a lot different, how exactly did that happen? "My mother was named Hudis and she was the exact opposite of him..." People say opposites attract, but do they really? Do you think her parents created a healthy environment at home? "She's one person in this world I didn't do right by..." Although her family is dead to her and she is dead to them she does care about her mom and possibly feel some guilt for the choice she made. She chose love over immediate family and for the most part, besides her mom she doesn't seem to be that upset about it.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Song of the Towers MMM

  • Lots of cooler colors like blue and purple on the outside building into warmer reds, yellows and oranges in the center
  • The very middle  concentric circle
  • Saxophone 
  • Statue of liberty 
  • The light blue lines coming in from the sides
  • The brief case 
  • The space between the two large rocks
  • The gear they're standing on
I'm wondering why right underneath the man with the saxophone is the statue of liberty?

  • Everyone else is attempting to climb towards the man in the middle
  • They all have business suits on
  • The colors go from dark on the outside to light on the inside
  • Icy hands reaching into picture from off screen

Light is beginning to shine into harlem for the African American community as they have began to find a place where they aren't discriminated and they can be proud of what they do


Image result for aaron douglas artImage result for harlem renaissance art

Image result for harlem renaissance art
Black and white people singing and dancing

Dressed western 

Through way of music black and white people were able to find a way of common grounds 

Image result for harlem renaissance art

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Response Poem

I, too, am tired

Tired of every single pressure laid upon our shoulders without a care from those who do it
Not realizing that every piece they continue to add rips us up a little more